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Our clinic provides a full range of dental services for all ages. The most advanced techniques, combined with modern equipment, minimize your discomfort.


Our team of highly skilled professionals, led by Dr. Myrna Naman, incorporate the latest techniques with innovative technologies and state—of-the-art equipment.

Every patient benefits from our expert and caring treatment, from the first phone call through to follow-up. A detailed treatment plan — including the cost of each procedure — is presented after the first full examination. No surprises, guaranteed!


Invisalign orthodontics are an esthetically pleasing way to straighten teeth. A series of transparent, removable plastic aligners move teeth little by little, week by week, until your teeth straighten to the final position prescribed by your orthodontist. Each set of aligners is manufactured for your teeth, and your teeth only.

Unlike braces, the aligners are removed when you eat, brush and floss.  Comfortable and easy to maintain, Invisalign orthodontics have a high success rate and are an increasingly popular choice for teenagers and adults.

We also offer the full range of braces: standard, clear, and lingual.


At Centre Dentaire Les Cours, we recommend a dental exam every 6 months. These regular check-ups help prevent costly treatments that intrude upon your daily activities. Our exam identifies:

  • dental cavities;
  • infections or gum diseases;
  • early signs of oral cancer; and
  • the condition of your fillings, bridges, and crowns.

A complete dental exam is important to maintain your overall good health and well-being.


For optimal oral health, we recommend a professional dental cleaning every 6 months. The removal of dental plaque helps to prevent cavities (dental caries), bad breath (gingivitis), and more advanced periodontal disease (infection of the gums, bone, or tissues that support teeth).


Tooth discolouration can have many causes: coffee, red wine, cola, tobacco, some medications, or simply genetics. Over-the-counter whitening products are not made just for you. At Centre Dentaire Les Cours, we use Zoom, a customized whitening treatment by Philips that we tailor to fit your specific needs.

If you prefer an at-home treatment, we create custom-fitted trays and provide the appropriate professional whitener for you. If you prefer an on-site treatment, we administer the Whitespeed two-part process proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in a single appointment.


The treatment of cavities can now be done relatively quickly and painlessly. Dental cavities — also called tooth decay, or caries — are permanently damaged areas that often develop into holes in the enamel, or hard outer surface, of your teeth. Fillings repair the damage and restore teeth to their original beauty, function, and good health.

A professional dental cleaning every 6 months helps prevent cavities.


A root canal treatment removes infected, injured or dead pulp within a tooth in order to save it. The tooth is then filled and sealed. Most patients report that the procedure is no more painful than having a filling.

Following a root canal, it is highly recommended to restore and strengthen the tooth by adding a crown.


A regular dental exam twice a year plays an important role in your oral health. Your dentist can detect a tooth infection during the exam, and can help stave off future infection. After an infection is identified and examined, your dentist will either drain the tooth or recommend a root canal treatment.


Periodontal diseases are caused by plaque and the bacteria that plaque can harbour. They range from simple gum inflammation to serious gum disease that can result in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. The main goal of treatment is to control infection-causing bacteria; the number and types of treatments vary, depending on the extent of the problem.

Any treatment requires that the patient practice good daily dental care at home. The dentist may also suggest changing certain behaviours, such as quitting smoking, to improve the outcome.


A veneer is a thin shell that covers the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are made from tooth-coloured porcelain or composite resin. They are often used to treat broken or fragile teeth, but can also improve the shape and colour of healthy teeth.


To prevent problems caused by crowding or an impacted tooth, dentists often recommend removing the wisdom teeth before they emerge or grow too large or firmly rooted. Many dentists believe it is best to do so when the person is younger and more likely to recover faster from surgery. This is why many teenagers and young adults have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Following a consultation, Dr. Myrna Naman, an expert in the extraction of wisdom teeth, will advise you as to the best time to have them removed.


Dental implants replace missing teeth. Each implant comprises a metal post that, over time, bonds to the jawbone (a process called osseointegration) and anchors an artificial tooth. Implants help preserve facial structure and support physical loads for decades without failure.

Implants are:

  • internationally renowned to be risk-free surgery.
  • made to look and feel similar to natural teeth.
  • known to protect the integrity of adjacent teeth.
  • made to maintain or improve your looks, comfort, speech, and ability to chew and enjoy what you eat.

Does getting implants hurt?

Though the whole process takes months, mainly waiting for the post to bond to bone, an implant is considered to be minor surgery accompanied by minimal discomfort. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and temporary pain at the implant site.

Long-term success rate

Once osseointegrated, an implant has a very good prognosis and a high success rate. It is very durable and long-lasting.


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are common among young people and adults. Symptoms include pain in the ear or jaw, difficulty chewing, or painful clicking or locking of the jaw. Our dentist can diagnose TMJ disorders during a regular exam, and will recommend appropriate treatments.


Snoring can affect the quality of your sleep and the sleep of those near you. It can also be a warning sign of sleep apnea, a serious breathing disorder. Once the diagnosis is established, we can refer you to a suitable specialist or provide a removable appliance used at night to open your airways and control snoring.


In the event of a dental emergency, Centre Dentaire Les Cours offers an emergency service by phone or email.

We are usually able to offer our patients a same-day dental appointment.


Our goal is to expertly fulfill your dental needs, from the beginning of treatment to the end. To do so, we provide a welcoming, relaxing environment with:

  • good communication.
  • first-class treatment.
  • the highest standards.
  • impeccable hygiene.

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